Crave citrus for flavour, colour, & immunity

The Best Zest for Food and Beverage Production, adding natural flavour and substance.

Zest in catering

Quality orange zest for a natural flavoursome kick

Our zest is a versatile ingredient that manufacturers incorporate into a wide range of products to add flavour, aroma, and not forgetting amazing health benefits.


Zingy Lemon Zest for a natural flavoursome kick

Use Lemon zest for various cooking or beverage production due to its powerful citrus flavour and lovely aroma.

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Pink Grapfruit

Pink Grapefruit; the heart of citrus brilliance

A natural health boost as it's high in the antioxidant vitamin C and those super flavonoids, a clever addition to your food and drink creations.

Zest for beers
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Welcome to Zumo Zest

Where citrus meets excellence in every bite and sip.

With over three decades of expertise in crafting premium citrus ingredients, we stand as pioneers in the art of transforming the finest citrus fruits into vibrant zests, pulps and juices. Nestled in the heart of Somerset, our purpose-built facility breathes life into every citrus product, ensuring unparalleled natural elements of quality with unmatched flavour profiles.

At Zumo Zest we take pride in being the go-to source for discerning manufacturers across the food and beverage sectors. From breweries crafting distinctive beers to confectioners concocting delectable treats, our natural citrus flavours are the secret ingredient behind some of the industry's most beloved creations.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere production; it's ingrained in every step of our process. From carefully selecting the freshest fruits to employing state-of-the-art techniques, we strive to deliver zest that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Discover the difference that premium zests, pulps and juices can make in your creations. Join the ranks of leading brands who trust Zumo Zest to elevate their products to new heights of flavour and quality. Experience the essence of citrus perfection with Zumo Zest.

Zumo Zest Product Range

Best Quality Zests, Pulps & Juices to Food and Drink Manufacturers in the UK

Our Zest’s can be used in the production of :


Cakes & Desserts


Savories, Sauces & Condiments





Zest for Infusions




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Snacks & Meals

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