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Who we supply

Breweries use our zests, pulps and juices to add bright, citrusy flavours to their beers. Our ingredients are added to beer during the brewing process to extract essential oils and citrus characteristics; during fermentation citrus aroma and flavour infuses into the beer to enhance the beer's distinctive citrusy qualities.

Overall, our zest in particular is a versatile ingredient that brewers use to enhance the complexity and depth of flavour in their beers, whether they're crafting a traditional citrus-forward brew or experimenting with unique flavour combinations!

Bakeries use our zests, pulps and juices to infuse their baked goods with glorious citrus flavours. In some cases, citrus zest may also be used as a garnish to decorate or add a finishing touch to baked goods. For example, a sprinkle of lemon zest on top of a lemon-flavoured cake adds visual appeal and reinforces the citrus taste.

Overall, zest is a versatile ingredient that bakers use to infuse their baked goods with bright, refreshing citrus flavours and aromas, creating delightful treats that appeal to the senses.

Ice cream manufacturers use our zests, pulps and juices to infuse their ice cream or sorbet with vibrant citrus flavours. Zumo products are versatile ingredients that ice cream makers use to enhance the flavour and aroma of their products, creating refreshing and indulgent treats that appeal to citrus lovers!

Distilleries like to use our zest, the outer coloured part of citrus fruit peel, to infuse their spirits with wonderful citrusy flavours and aromas. They incorporate zest into their production process, particularly for spirits such as gin, whisky or flavoured vodkas.

Our zest is a key botanical that distilleries use to add depth and complexity to their spirits, enhancing their flavour profiles and creating unique specialist products.

Chefs and catering managers often use our zests, pulps and juices to add delightful citrusy flavours and aromas to their culinary creations. Whether they're preparing savoury dishes, desserts, or beverages, the bright, zingy notes add a refreshing touch to a wide range of dishes and drinks, and contribute to a memorable dining experience for guests.

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